CBD Collection Box


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Our CBD collection set contains a combination of all of our featured products.  All our products are produced from the highest quality hemp and come with a complete cannabinoid profile for the best synergistic effect possible. We use only all natural carrier oils in our tincture. Consumers are likely to feel relaxed, focused, resilient to stress, and may experience relief of a variety of symptoms including pain and inflammation depending on the product used. 

Set Includes: 

Full Spectrum Healing Lotion  500mg / 4oz 

Full Spectrum Healing Salve  500mg / 1oz

Broad Spectrum Flower - Lifter  3.5gm II 1/8oz

Broad Spectrum Flower - Special Sauce  3.5gm II 1/8oz

Broad Spectrum Tincture  500mg / 30ml 

Tincture Dosage: 1 full dropper = 17mg CBD

For full individual product info click here: Lotion / Salve / Lifter / Special Sauce / Tincture

View Lab Tests: Lotion / Salve / Lifter / Special Sauce / Tincture

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