500mg 1 OZ Healing Salve

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Recommended Uses

Our cbd healing salve is designed to work effectively to help eliminate pain, reduce inflammation and moisturize skin.  Common uses are pain and inflamation reduction from arthritis, muscle pain, nerve pain, diabetic pain and pain caused by other ailments.  This salve also helps with skin irritation and various topical conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and many others.  Our lotion is absorbed quicker than our salve whereas the salve lasts longer. 

Pharmacist Formulated and Tested

Our pharmacist team formulates, tests, and creates each batch of product using standard laboratory procedures and cleanliness techniques used in pharmaceutical preparations.  An ISO 3 clean room environment is used in the preparation and packaging of each product to ensure it is contaminant free.  UVC sterilization techniques are used as well to prevent contamination with COVID or any other viruses.  Each product is also tested to ensure it has the posted amount of CBD to ensure it's effectiveness. 

Natural and Organic

Our Full spectrum Healing Salve is produced from the highest quality hemp grown organically in the USA, yielding a complete cannabinoid profile for the best synergistic effects possible.  We use only all natural carrier oils to create a truly all natural product free of any synthetic or harmful chemicals. 


Strength: 500MG

Volume: 1 oz


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