Closing the Gap

MyCureAll’s Webapp provides a platform for targeted CBD recommendations. Our HIPAA-compliant technology will recommend strains that aid your specific problems and lower healthcare costs. Our app enables patients, physicians, dispensaries, and insurance companies to work hand in hand to achieve a natural solution to PTSD, pain, anxiety, substance use disorder, fibromyalgia, and many other conditions. The MyCureAll app is easy and convenient to use. It designs and generates a detailed, individualized treatment plan that you can share with your healthcare provider. The treatment plan assesses your baseline before using a CBD product and then any recorded benefits based on the use of your CBD product. If the CBD product you are using does not help, the app will integrate this information and recommend different strains to try.

Quality and Ethics

At MyCureAll, we are on a mission to enable insurance companies to pay for CBD, and what’s more, to pay for the right strain for each patient, because everyone is different and has unique needs. With the MyCureAll app, we will be able to engage patients and healthcare providers to make sure the correct strain of CBD is used and the patient always has appropriate follow up care.

Meet the Team

Our team is comprised of a variety of healthcare professionals all working together to ensure that the right strain of the highest quality CBD is carefully applied to our patient’s conditions. Our pharmacists, doctors, social workers, and nurses are all focused on delivering the best product and service for your treatment needs. 

Our team has a combined experience of over 50 years in the medical field. We are experts in the treatment of pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, addiction recovery, and many other conditions. Our involvement in medical practice is the base for developing the MyCureAll brand.

Our farmers are partners with MyCureAll and provide COA's that establish the validity of their farms' quality. MyCureAll conducts independent lab tests on all batches of product received to ensure our customers safety. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are happy, confident, and successful in using our CBD product.

Elaine Richer

Jacques Nir

Daniel Milham

Karen Berger


As experts in the pharmaceutical, social work, and medical fields, our mission is to properly, consistently, and effectively manage medical CBD administration by aligning patients, healthcare providers, dispensaries, and insurers to work hand in hand for safer and more effective healthcare. People deserve to have healthy means of managing their pain, anxiety, and sleep symptoms with safe and effective medication alternatives that are readily available.