MyCureAll, powered by Integrative Care Alliance, is a public benefit corporation operating in the tri-state area, was founded by Elaine Richer, RPh, CEO, and Dr. Steven Malen, MBA, Medical Director. Our team of pharmacists, social workers, and substance abuse and mental health professionals bring pharmaceutical precision and extensive expertise to the field of medical cannabis.

Our goal is to enable patients and physicians to work hand-in-hand to achieve a natural solution to ailments such as pain, anxiety, nausea, fibromyalgia, substance abuse, and many other conditions.

After speaking extensively with both patients and physicians, we are all excited about the natural approach to symptom control with medical cannabis. Patients want to move away from opioids and towards a natural, safer, and effective symptom management solution. They have told us about life-changing results from medical cannabis  whether used for substance abuse, Crohn’s disease, anxiety, stress, PTSD, Insomnia, MS Multiple Sclerosis, IBS, or many other conditions.

For more information about MyCureAll please visit our website